Is Australia losing the Retail Race?

Is Australia losing the Retail Race?

Is Australia losing the Retail Race?

by Mr Retail

We can see by the vast number of retailers going under, that retail is not what it used to be. Large and small retailers are closing their doors and losing millions of dollars.


This is a sad fact, but one that doesn’t have to be so.

Are you falling behind?

Is Australia losing the Retail Race?

Customers are still out there, but their demands and expectations are higher. They will also very often Google a brand or business before they step in the door or purchase on-line.

With the internet at their fingertips and competition high, shop front businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to get people back in the door.

When was the last time you looked at your logo, signage, staff presentation or marketing strategies? These are just a few areas that can make or break your business

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First impressions are your first step to drawing people back into your store. Is your logo and signage looking dated and dull? This will also have a significant effect on your marketing campaigns.

You can do this with a little help from digital media, a store tweak, (if needed), and giving people back what has been sadly lacking for some time, professional service and a shopping experience like no other.

If you have an online store or webpage, you will need to stand out from your competition with industry focused digital marketing. You will also want to make sure your business is on page one of people’s Google searches and grab their attention once they visit your site. On average, people will spend just 4 seconds on a webpage to decide if they want to scroll further.

Your employees are representing your brand. Think of the image you want to present; I am sure it is one of professionalism and fantastic service that will have the customers raving about your business.

The new generation of employees are now distracted by social media, self absorbed with their life and not really dedicated to helping you to build your business. They tend to have a ‘what’s in it for me and how do I get a pay packet without putting in too much effort’ mindset.

This is a sad fact, but one that doesn’t have to be so.

Large or small, your business is a Brand and it is up to you to build that brand and achieve great results at the register.

After many mystery shops of existing businesses and comparing the data to ten years ago, we found that staff presentation and attitudes to customer service have really gone downhill. This is in big department stores as well as small to medium businesses.

To compete against on-line stores and give customers that wow factor shopping experience, you sometimes need to shake things up a little and bring in some professional help. Very often staff will take more notice of a professional sales trainer than the boss. Also having fresh eyes looking at your business and giving you a few up to date ideas, can bring back the passion and spark you had when you first opened your business.

Are your employees representing your business in a professional manner? Nobody wants to be served in a fashion store by someone who is not wearing the brand or taking pride in their appearance. Do they have a passion for your business and want to help it to succeed?

In the service industry the way your staff represent your brand (your business) will be a deciding factor in whether or not you are successful.

Are you still using outdated training techniques that are lost on Gen Y? Or not training at all and thinking they will pick it up, it’s not hard to sell?

With a new approach to training Gen Y and re-training existing staff, you can have the competitive edge on the competition. Retail Rescue offers Retail Sales Training (with a Style Workshop if required), Business Coaching, Digital Marketing, Brand Building and much more.

If your business needs a mini or major makeover we can help you to re-invent or tweak a few things to have you winning the retail race.

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