Magnetize Your Business

Magnetize Your Business

Are you drawing customers back to your business after your initial contact?

Make sure you have an up to date email data base, as this is a gold mine for return custom.

Make sure you take notes based on what the customer talks about, especially if you want to build a good rapport with them. Perhaps note family members, hobbies, interests or a particular range or service that you provide that they are interested in. Also take note of the customers personality, I know this sounds strange, but if you know the best way to approach and deal with your clients, then you can speak to them in a language that they understand.

Some customers like lots of detail, others are influenced by price, some want information given to them straight and to the point. By knowing your customers and building that special relationship with them, you will find that not only will they be return customers, but they will tell others about the fantastic service they always receive. This is free marketing for your business and personal recommendations are worth their weight in gold.

Use your data base to send reminders for services that you provide at the appropriate time (i.e. due for a product clean or inspection). You can also touch base with customers and let them know about specials or new lines for products that you know they may be interested in. Make sure you also let them know about your Customer Loyalty program if you have one.

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5 Ways to Boost Facebook Reach

5 Ways to Boost Facebook Reach

Facebook finally owned up to what social media marketers already knew, admitting that the organic reach of brand pages is diminishing. The social giant even went as far as encouraging brands wanting to be seen to buy ads on the platform. 

While the idea that buying ads might become necessary to make an impact on Facebook is frustrating, it’s simply a reality marketers will need to get used to. Now that you know organic reach is shrinking, how can you still make sure your posts end up in followers’ news feeds? There are a handful of tactics to help circumvent the algorithm changes and keep posts from becoming lost in the shuffle. Here are five you can try today.

1. Tag other pages

If you make a post that is related to another page on Facebook, be certain to tag that page in the post. Last month, Facebook announced that posts in which pages are tagged will start appearing in users’ newsfeeds even if they don’t follow the poster. Basically, by tagging another page, that page’s followers can see your post regardless of whether they follow you. This could exponentially increase your message’s exposure if executed well.
2. Include images or videos with every post

In Facebook’s January announcement about the algorithm changes, the site stated that text-only updates from pages didn’t receive as much interaction as those from users’ friends. Because of that, the social network moved text updates from pages to an entirely different category. As a result, Facebook said page administrators could expect a decline in the distribution of text-only updates. Adding an image or video to every status will prevent those posts from being categorized in the less-distributed category.
3. Increase interaction with followers

It’s now more important that every comment, post, or message on your Facebook page is answered. The site places higher value on pages with heavy interaction. By replying to comments and posts, you are encouraging more interaction with your page, thus increasing chances that your posts will end up in followers’ newsfeeds. 

4.  Use Instagram

Since Facebook owns the photo-sharing social platform Instagram, posts uploaded from the app will be more likely to appear in newsfeeds. Facebook bought Instagram two years ago for $1 billion and is trying to drive more users to the app. For that reason, posts from Instagram may be given priority over others – but as previously mentioned, every post should have a visual element now, anyway. Easy integration between the two platforms should just make it easier to double-down on your social media strategy. 

5. Tell your followers how to see more of your posts

Brands that have worked hard to build a loyal Facebook following may be feeling the sting a bit harder than most, now that their posts are less likely to appear in news feeds. It can seem like all that hard work is being flushed down the drain by the social giant, but don’t despair: You can simply explain to followers that changing their settings will let them continue seeing your updates in their feeds. Posting step-by-step instructions on how to change news feed settings, organize the friends list, and/or change story preferences can go a long way.

Edited by Wendy Parish
Google my Business helps to engage with customers and get found online

Google my Business helps to engage with customers and get found online

Google has announced the launch of a new tool, Google My Business, to help small businesses connect with their customers. By putting your business information on Search, Maps and Google+, the new tool lets your customers find you across Google. Businesses can post content, track analytics, revert back to customers and launch Google Hangouts all at one place. 

Google launches Google my Business. Image courtesy of Google for Retail Rescue.

How to Get Started:

Click on the “Get On Google” button to sign in. This will take you to Google Maps. You can use the search box on the top left side, to type in the name of your business and Google will display a list of businesses which match your search term. You can then select the relevant one from the list. If you already have a Google account, you can click on the settings tab and then select “Create new page” or “View all pages” to go to an existing Google+ page. Non-local businesses can also get started on the system by clicking on the “Not a local business” option. 

Apart from new businesses, current users of Places for Business and the Google+ dashboard can also use the new tool. If you are creating a new page, you must be authorized to manage the business listing. Google will send you a verification notice to confirm the same. Following this, you will be asked to create your profile page, adding all relevant information about your business. If you already have existing pages, you will be directed to the Google+ dashboard, where you can manage your profile by selecting a page.

How Google My Business is Helpful for Businesses? 

  • Stay Updated: Businesses can update their information like address, contact numbers, opening hours and more on Search, Maps and Google+ at one place, so that customers can easily connect with them. 
  • Tell Customers How Your Business is Unique: You can add beautiful photos and virtual tours of your business to show customers how your business is unique.
  • Connect With Customers: Share news, events and other updates from your Google+ page to better connect with your customers.
  • Respond to Reviews: Read and respond to reviews and stay on top of reviews from across the web.
  • Know How People Interact With Your Business: Use custom insights and integration with AdWords Express to understand how people interact with your business.
  • Mobile Optimized: Manage all your business information on-the-go with the android app for the new tool. Google will soon be launching an app for iOS devices as well.


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