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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your websites made in Australia or commissioned out offshore?

Digital Manged build every Website or Blog ourselves, from scratch and right here in Queensland. All of the Hosts we recommend, however, are located in either the U.S. or Singapore. This is because the Hosting infrastructure in Australia is still a long way behind the rest of the world and we only want the fastest loading and most reliable sites for our clients.

Do you offer any courses on Digital Marketing or Social Media?

No but we regularly post tips and tricks on our Blog, so make sure you subscribe to receive weekly posts in your email inbox. We do offer Business mentoring or Sales Training though. Go to our Mentoring & Coaching page to learn more.

Which is better, AdWords, Google Remarketing or Facebook Retargeting Pixel Promos?

The longer you stay with us, the less you will need to spend on AdWords, Google Remarketing, or Facebook Retargeting pixels. However, they will never truly become unnecessary.

If budget allows, a fine-tuned combination of all of them, along with Facebook Boosts and YouTube Video marketing, is a good option.

As a general rule, at least use AdWords to bring customers to your site and Remarketing to keep you ‘front of mind’ should they leave without buying.

There is a lot more to this though, like split testing and reviewing insights to determine budgets and viability of each advertising medium for your specific niche. Every business is unique, so contact us for a free assessment, to truly know what will work for your specific Digital Marketing, Social Media or SEO needs.

What sets your Digital Marketing services apart from your competition?

What we have found is that most of Digital Managed competitors offer unnecessary options, way more than is actually needed. It’s like they are trying to find more and more things to up-sell or cross-sell to their clients. Digital Managed cut through the hype and concentrate on those things that actually get your business found online.

What are the length, terms and conditions of your contracts?

Digital Managed do not lock clients into contracts. However, everything you purchase needs to be prepaid before any work commences and, for any offerings that are monthly or yearly subscriptions, we ask that you give us one month’s notice should you ever decide to cease the subscription. This is because we spend days post analyzing and preparing for the next subscription period.

What is a Link Wheel and do I need one?

A link wheel is where several similar themed websites get together and create a circle of links. For example, website A links to website B which links to site C and so on, until the last site then links back to website A. 

However, most search engines now ignore reciprocal links and even one-way inbound links unless all sites involved, including yours, get a lot of visitors and have regular and relevant content updates.

Digital Managed have a more effective way of strengthening your online presence, involving a network of links to your own content, distributed across multiple platforms, all owned by you. To learn more about link wheels, read this article.

To have Digital Managed do it better, contact us.

Digital Managed

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