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Make Facebook work for your Business

Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in the world and statistics show ever increasing numbers in Australia. It is also a rich source of customers for many businesses. Are you reaching the audience available to you, or are you wasting precious time and money trying to find the sweet spot on social media?

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Magnetize Your Business

Are you drawing customers back to your business after your initial contact? Make sure you have an up to date email data base, as this is a gold mine for return custom. Make sure you take notes based on what the customer talks about, especially if you want to build a...

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Marketing Tips

What works better, Traditional advertising mediums or Social Media and Internet Solutions? The Art of Marketing has changed. Integrating Social Media and Loyalty Programs into your Marketing Plan is now the key.

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5 Ways to Boost Facebook Reach

Facebook finally owned up to what social media marketers already knew, admitting that organic reach of brand pages is diminishing. The social giant even went as far as encouraging brands to buy ads…

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Avoid Substantial Fines by using the new Privacy Policy

The Australian government is now in a position to enforce the new "Australian Privacy Principle". Please note that new fines are bigger and enforceable, but the compliance need not be onerous, as long as you: Disclose information that maybe was collected anonymously,...

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Digital Marketing Confusion?

We now live in a digital world.  People use phones, iPads and computers to not just find a business, but to shop as well. -Would you like to have a better connection with your customers? -Would you like to have more customers? -Do you want to see more money in your...

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Is Australia losing the Retail Race?

  We can see by the vast number of retailers going under, that retail is not what it used to be. Large and small retailers are closing their doors and losing millions of dollars.   This is a sad fact, but one that doesn’t have to be so. Are you falling...

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Google Smartwatch Plans Come Into Focus

The new Google mobile operating system, Android Wear, is tailored for smartwatches and other wearable devices. The software focuses on notifications and quick responses to show you information as you need it while keeping interaction to a minimum Google has announced...

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