Are you drawing customers back to your business after your initial contact?

Make sure you have an up to date email data base, as this is a gold mine for return custom.

Make sure you take notes based on what the customer talks about, especially if you want to build a good rapport with them. Perhaps note family members, hobbies, interests or a particular range or service that you provide that they are interested in. Also take note of the customers personality, I know this sounds strange, but if you know the best way to approach and deal with your clients, then you can speak to them in a language that they understand.

Some customers like lots of detail, others are influenced by price, some want information given to them straight and to the point. By knowing your customers and building that special relationship with them, you will find that not only will they be return customers, but they will tell others about the fantastic service they always receive. This is free marketing for your business and personal recommendations are worth their weight in gold.

Use your data base to send reminders for services that you provide at the appropriate time (i.e. due for a product clean or inspection). You can also touch base with customers and let them know about specials or new lines for products that you know they may be interested in. Make sure you also let them know about your Customer Loyalty program if you have one.

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