Google AdWords, Remarketing and Analytics Managed for You

$495.00 / month

AdWords attracts new clients, Remarketing shows your adverts to people who have already visited your site, wherever they go online.


  • Keywords are researched and optimized monthly.
  • AdWords Ad is set to show in Google search and on relevant sites.
  • Google Remarketing code is created and inserted into your site.
  • Webmaster Tools – we repair any indexing or crawl errors on your site.
  • Google Analytics code is also inserted and used for Monthly reporting.
  • Includes cost of running the adverts!


Digital Managed offer Google AdWords and Remarketing campaigns created and managed for you.

AdWords will attract new clients, whereas Remarketing will show your adverts to people who have already visited your site, wherever they go online.

Provide us with one event, theme or promotion per month and we will do the following activities for you. If you don’t have anything to provide us with, we will simply promote the site itself.

  • Keywords are researched, monitored and optimised every month, so you are only paying for those that get you results.
  • AdWords – each month, we create one keyword dependent Ad and set it to not only show in Google search results but also on websites and YouTube videos that people have found when searching for the types of things you are trying to promote for this month, or for the types of things on your site in general, if you have nothing in mind to promote. Additional campaigns can be purchased for just $100 ea.
  • Google Remarketing– we will create and insert Google Remarketing code into your website or landing page, so visitors to the page will see your adverts everywhere they go on the internet after they leave your site, should they not do something you need them to do, e.g. buy something, sign up for something, or download something etc.
  • Webmaster Tools – we investigate and repair any indexing or crawl errors on your site, as reported by Google Console. We also keep your sitemap up to date and force Google to crawl your site for changes, so search engine results are always current.
  • Google Analytics – along with the Remarketing code, we also insert Google Analytics code into your website, blog or landing page.
  • Monthly reports – every month we use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to generate an outcomes report.

Advertising Costs – this plan covers $200 AU of the cost of running the adverts. Should you wish to spend more each month, simply let us know how much and we will add that amount to the monthly invoice.

What is Google Remarketing?

Google Remarketing generates a code or pixel which we then add to your website, Blog or Landing page. This then drops into the Browser of anyone who visits the page or site. Google Remarketing ads will then start ‘following’ the person who visited your site everywhere they go on the internet, (other than Facebook and only on sites with Google AdWords enabled).

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