Ultimate Digital Marketing Plan

$995.00 / month

Google favours sites that are consistently active, have relevant content and gain lots of visitors. Let Digital Managed strengthen your SEO today.


  • Keywords Research & Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) managed
  • Professional Blog articles written
  • Social Media shared posts done for you
  • Google Adwords and Remarketing managed
  • Facebook Boosts done for you
  • Monthly Google Analytics Reports and Facebook Insights
  • Page One Guarantee


This is our Ultimate Digital Marketing Plan.

For Digital Marketing to be successful, it is important to maintain regular activity, as google favours sites that are consistently active, have relevant content and gain lots of visitors. Provide us with one event, theme or promotion per month and we will do the following activities for you. If you don’t have anything to provide us with, we will simply promote the site itself.

  • Keywords are researched, monitored and optimised every month, so you are only paying for those that get you results.
  • AdWords – each month, we create one keyword dependent Ad and set it to not only show in Google search results but also on websites and YouTube videos that people have found when searching for the types of things you are trying to promote for this month, or for the types of things on your site in general, if you have nothing in mind to promote. Additional campaigns can be purchased for just $100 ea.
  • Google Remarketing– we will create and insert Google Remarketing code into your website or landing page, so visitors to the page will see your adverts everywhere they go on the internet after they leave your site, should they not do something you need them to do, e.g. buy something, sign up for something, or download something etc.
  • Webmaster Tools – we investigate and repair any indexing or crawl errors on your site, as reported by Google Console. We also keep your sitemap up to date and force Google to crawl your site for changes, so search engine results are always current.
  • Google Analytics – along with the Remarketing code, we also insert Google Analytics code into your website, blog or landing page.
  • Blogging – every month we professionally write an article and post it to your Blog, News page or Landing Page. If you don’t have any of these, we will post it to Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn. We do not plagiarize anything, nor do we outsource the work, and keywords and link-backs will be embedded. Content can match what we promote in AdWords and Facebook, should you wish it to.
  • Article Landing Page Data Capture (optional) – if your site has the ability to include it, each article will include a data capture form on the page itself. At the end of the article, we will then suggest visitors fill in the form to “get a free quote”, “contact us for more information”, “go in the draw”, “download free information”, “get a free demonstration” or whatever suits your business.
  • Social Media – the above article will be shared to Facebook and Google Plus, (if you have it). Extra articles are available for $100 each.
  • Facebook Boost – we will look at the best performing post from the previous month and boost it in the current month. Target audience will be defined in the same manner as for Facebook Promotions. Cost to do this boost is covered by your monthly fee.
  • Google Maps SEO – an excerpt of the above monthly article will also be posted on your Google My Business / Google Maps listing.
  • Monthly reports – every month you will receive a summary of website visits and Facebook activity. Should you require a more detailed report, such as where visitors to your site came from, which of your pages get the most visits and what search queries people have used to find your site, this can be supplied for only $50 extra.
  • Page One Guarantee

Advertising Costs – out of the $995 you pay us, we spend $100 of it on Facebook Boosts, Promotions and Retargeting. We recommend you set yourself an additional budget of at least $300 in AdWords, ($10 per day, with $6 going on AdWords and another $4 on Remarketing).

$100 Optional Extra – Facebook Promotion & Retargeting – we create a specific Facebook Advert, not already covered by a post on the page, present it to your target audience and then place a Facebook retargeting pixel on your website. This acts a bit like Google Remarketing, with visitors to your website later being shown your Facebook advert when they log into Facebook.

If you just want us to do the Blogging, Social Media and Maps posts, go here.
To only do Social Media & Facebook Boost go here.
To only do AdWords, Remarketing & Webmaster Tools go here.


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